Data Sets

Below are sample data sets to be freely used with Emcien.

Diabetes ClassificationClass
Identifies individuals in a population predicted to have diabetes
Cancer RemissionremissLinks to cancer in remission
Crane FailuresSystemOutcome
Telemetry tracking the normal and failure states of large scale cranes
Desktop Computer NetworkSeverityClassification of issue severity for corporate desktop computers
Freight Rail AccidentsDAMAGEDIdentifying causes of large freight rail accidents
Sales & Marketing
Sales Lead TrackingOpportunity ResultIdentifying the best leads in CRM data
Customer Coupon SuccessAmountSpentDetermine if a coupon will lead to high dollar purchases
Customer ChurnChurnCustomer demographics and subscription histories
Campaign EffectivenessSalesInThousandsDetermine which marketing campaigns returned the best results
Employee AttritionAttritionEmployee demographics data to find what leads to attrition
Retail & Insurance
Retail Super StoreOrder PriorityClassify priority orders in a large scale retailer
Customer ValueCustomer Lifetime ValueIdentify customer groups by lifetime spending value
Real Estate TransactionpriceHome and condo sales including zip code and geo-location
Accounts ReceivableDisputedList of Invoices including amounts, type of billing and days late
Auto Insurance ClaimsClaim AmountAutomobile Insurance claims including location, policy type and claim amount
2014 NFL Player StatsMultiple OptionsWeekly game data for each player's statistics
2014 NFL Team StatsWin / LossWeekly Game data including weather and each team's statistics
Forestry DataCover_TypeSoil type and tree types for wilderness areas
Time UseMultiple OptionsSurvey of how Americans use their time