Installing the Virtual Machine with VMware

Minimum Requirements
Disk Space500GB of Hard Drive Space
Memory16GB of RAM
Processors4 Logical Processors
MotherboardVirtualization Technology is enabled
ConnectivityRequires HTTP access on port 80 to

Deploying the OVA

Deploy the OVA file as an Open Virtualization Format (OVA) template in VMware vCenter. See VMware's documentation about deploying OVA templates.

Virtual Machine Configuration

We recommend that you configure the following hardware settings.

CPUThe default is 2 processors. Please configure to the number of processors licensed by Emcien.
MemoryDefaults to 2GB, suggested is 16GB. Increasing memory allows for larger data sets to be analyzed.
Data DiskShips with 100GB, increase to at least 1TB. Will need to be increased based on your data file sizes.

Installation Step: Please use "Thin Provision" storage. This means the EmcienPatterns VM will use hard drive space only when needed.

Configuration Step:  By default, the hard disk has an initial size of 100GB,  we strongly recommend you increase the size of the data disk to at least 500GB or more. The disk size can be increased when EmcienPatterns is powered off.  You can only increase disk space (you cannot decrease disk space).

Starting the Virtual Machine

After configuring your hardware settings, start your VM. Once started you will need to use your browser and go to the IP Address for the new VM provided by vCenter.

NOTE: Use the IP address shown on YOUR vCenter screen, it will be different from the example shown above.


  1. Enter your Company name
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Set your password
  4. Upload the license provided to you

Congratulations, you are now ready to use Emcien